Out with the old. Moving is a great chance to get rid of old items you haven’t used in awhile.

We’re all guilty of owning to much stuff; and not throwing any of it out. Our homes are full of things we don’t use anymore. Our cupboards are filled with objects we think we might need one day and we have garages full off old furniture and equipment we haven’t used in years.

It’s not until it’s time to move that you realize just how much excess stuff you own, and really how much of it you haven’t used in years. There’s really no better time to declutter your home then when you’re preparing to move. It’s the opportunity to clear out old items and part ways with equipment that you haven’t used in years.

Here’s some simple steps to make the decluttering process as easy as possible.  

Belongings Have An Emotional Footprint

We all have those cupboards filled with things you just can’t let go. Family albums, boxes filled with your child’s old school books and sentimental objects we’ve had for years. It’s always hard to throw these things out due to the emotional attachment. Take a moment to go through it all and really access if you have an emotional attachment or just feel like it’s something you should keep.

Decide What’s Clutter—and What’s Not

Sorting through all your cupboards and drawers is part of the moving process. Make a plan and work through one cupboard or drawer at a time. It’s important to create a rule, or sort practical items from other items you don’t really need. If its something thats been sitting at the back of your cupboard for the last year chances are you don’t really need it. The same goes for clothes; if you haven’t worn it in a year it’s time to get rid of it.

Start with the Easy Stuff First

Decluttering can seem like a very overwhelming task and a lot of people put it off until it’s time to move. Start early, and do one room at a time. Make yourself a rule that every weekend, or on a day off, you go through one cupboard or one set of drawers. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the task can take when you have a plan.

Remember when going through all your old items to keep three piles, one pile to keep, one to throw out and one pile to donate. Making a plan on how you’ll attack each room of your home will make the process a lot less daunting.

Don’t Keep Stuff Out of Guilt or Obligation

A big part of decluttering is going through all those old items and presents you’ve accumulated over the years. How many of you have presents or items you’ve been given but never used? Don’t hang on to them out of guilt. Donate them to a friend or to charity.

Realize That You’re Giving Yourself a Fresh Start

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed, anxious or nervous when you’re decluttering ahead of a big move. Just remember that the more you pack, the more you need to unpack.

It’s always a great feeling starting fresh at a new home; and cleaning out your living space means starting the next chapter completely new.