As a renter how do you make a place that isn’t technically your home feel like home? Moving into a new place can be overwhelming and while homeowners have the luxury of painting, installing, and constructing whatever they want, renters are a little more restricted. Thankfully, there are still plenty of ways that you can customize your space and turn your new apartment into a cozy home.

Unpack Straight Away.
This tip seem obvious but with our hectic work schedules and busy personal lives it’s easy to ignore the giant stack of boxes you’ve left in the corner. Make your apartment feel homier right away by unpacking everything as soon as possible.

Turn on the Tunes
Music helps reduce stress and let’s be honest who wants to unpack in silence. Get inspired to unpack by putting on your favourite tunes. So if you’re freaking out and putting off the amount of unpacking you have to do, your favourite playlist will be just what you need.

Unpack the Big Things
It can be easy to put off the bigger things and just unpack the small necessities. Get all the big things out and set up first, like your lamps, furniture, and anything that needs to be put together. This will help fill up the space and dictate where everything will go; allowing you to make it feel like home right away.

Prep the Bathroom and Bedroom
Your Bathroom and Bedroom are the two places in your new home that will be very personal, and most likely a lot of the items were brought from the last place you lived. You probably use them every day bringing a sense of comfort when unpacking them. Get your cupboard and drawers set up and decide how you want your new sink and vanity area to look. Little tasks like this make all the difference when you want to feel at home in your new apartment.

Unpack a Piece of Home
Unpacking the things that remind you of home straight away can bring a homely feel to your new place. Pictures of friends, family and posters will have you reminiscing as you pull the items out. It will feel better being able to see them as you make your way from room to room.

When all’s said and done, curl up on your couch, put on a movie you love and relax. Nothing will help you feel better than a good movie night and some much-needed shut-eye.