Moving can be stressful, but with children it can be extremely challenging. Trying to keep them occupied while your doing the last minute packing, organizing and other moving day activities that you’ll likely have to deal with.

To help you prepare for the big move with kids, check out some of our tried and tested moving day activities.

#1 Create a Moving Day Activity Kit
Keep the kids entertained on moving day with an activity kit filled with crayons, markers, stickers, books or even card games. Make sure the kit is something new and fresh, and includes things that your kids enjoy doing.

#2 Make Sure They Have Their Favourite Things
During the packing process make sure you keep out your child’s favourite toys or games. This can offer some comfort to them during the moving process.

#3 Books
Younger kids love books, and they are great to help pass the time.
During the packing process, have your kids pick out a few of their favorite books. If you have kids that don’t read yet, like toddlers, pick out a few picture books for them to look through. Books can keep kids entertained while they are in the car but also while your unpacking.

#4 Use What you have
If you have some extra boxes and moving supplies from packing let the kids get creative with these items. Add some coloured markers and set up an arts and craft corner with all your leftover items. As an alternative, your kids might just want to climb inside and create their own imaginative game.

#5 Ball Games
Young kids can be hard to entertain. If you have some space at your home, balls can be a great way to keep them entertained. Grab a tennis ball, a basketball or any other ball you can find. Your kids can play catch or kick the ball around. Get involved in the playing, if you have time in between moving day tasks.

#10 Download Something Fun
If your moving process will be really long, consider downloading a movie or some games. Watching a new movie or cool game that they have been wanting to check out is ideal during this time when they will likely be bored.

Moving can be tricky when you have little ones with you. Since there’s so much going on, you want to make sure that they have activities and things to do to keep them busy. We hope these options will give you some ideas to make moving with the kids a little less stressful.