Packing liquids are always more tricky than packing regular items. We’ve seen it all and know the dangers that can be presented when moving certain liquids. Even if you pack the liquids carefully, when put into a faced moving truck, you never really know what could happen.


A rule of thumb for moving liquids is to only pack factory sealed containers. These items should have a lot of padding between them to reduce the risk of breakage. It’s important to keep in mind that although you may pack the liquids really well, sometimes breakage is unavoidable. For packing things such as wine bottles, ensure that they have protection between the bottles to prevent friction that could lead to cracking or leakage.

While packing liquid materials that may not be factory sealed, first, ask yourself: do I need this? If the answer is yes, we suggest to use tape over the enclosure of the bottle, put it in a tightly sealed plastic bag, and then continue to pack it with sufficient padding. No method is guaranteed to work depending on the liquid, but this will ensure that if there is a breakage, all other items you’ve packed aren’t touched by the leaking liquid.  


As you would expect, there are certain liquids that are just too dangerous for moving companies to transport. While the list of these liquids is long, the ones that we see most often are paint thinners, propane, automotive chemicals, oxygen, etc. Anything that could cause damage to surrounding inventory packed is best to leave or sell.