For some of us, moving into the big city can be daunting, especially if you’ve lived most of your life in a small town. But eventually, to a lot of us, we want to branch out. Whether you’re moving to attend University, got a new job downtown, or simply want a change in environment, the city calls to us. But making the change can be overwhelming, so doing a bit of research beforehand can make your transition easier so that it takes less time for you to adjust to the city life and start living it up properly as you should.

Size Down and Keep Less Stuff

In the city, space is much more valuable, so don’t expect living space that matches the house that your parents bought in their younger years (especially with the housing prices nowadays). Chances are, the place you end up with will be pretty small, so when you move, take only enough to fit a small room, and if you can, cut down on that list too.

Public Transportation is Your Friend

If you’ve lived all your life in a small town, you may have the idea that having a car is one of the best buys that you’ll make in your lifetime, but this is not true in the city. As you might expect, due to the amount of people in the city, traffic can be a nightmare. Even during non-rush hour times, you’ll frequently run into traffic that can severely slow down your journey. On the plus side, due to the increased number of people, you’ll find that bussing and skytraining is far more reliable, with more frequent buses that are far more reliable than the minimum 30 minute wait times that you’ve gotten used to in a smaller town. To make things even sweeter, it’s also far cheaper to simply get a month pass than to pay for gas and insurance.

Expect Bigger Numbers Everywhere

This is in regards to money. In the city, you’ll notice that things tend to cost a bit more than what you’re used to in the suburbs. When you move into the city, you’ll want to make sure that you have a good idea of your finances are like and strategize how you’re going to save.

Adjust For Longer Travel Times

Everything in the city is bigger, so you’ll need to plan to leave earlier. Don’t wait until the last minute before going out the door, go at least 15 to 30 minutes before you would leave in the suburbs when traveling the same distance. Traffic can be a major pain and cause unexpected delays, and you don’t want to be late for your appointments.

The Good Stuff

Now that we’ve gone through all the scary things, here’s the good stuff. There’s just so much! In the city, you’ll meet more people than you could have possible known in the suburbs. People with more unique backgrounds, talents, and interests than you thought was possible. Events happen every day at more venues than you can possibly get to know, so there’s always something to do. You’ll get to know the arts scene, travel to more places than you can keep track of, attend events larger than your entire hometown combined. No matter where you came from, you can always be sure that you’ll find something to do in the city.

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