Last Minute Movers Vancouver - Surrey BC

Last Minute Movers Vancouver Surrey BC

Moving is a stressful experience. Most places you deal with during a big move will try to help make the process easier however there are people out there who will try to take advantage of you. It might be tempting to go for that cheap ad that sounds too good to be true however the last thing you want is something going wrong on your moving day. Here are a few things you should watch out for when hiring a moving company.

Know The Warning Signs
Have you ever read a deal online that sounds too good to be true? It most likely is. There’s no advertised price, no paperwork and no binding agreement. Be careful if you don’t receive any confirmation, or if the person on the other end doesn’t seem to be giving you all the information. You don’t want any unexpected extra payments to arise on the day you move. Also make sure you don’t go paying any amount until you have a confirmation from the moving company. Most companies should send you an initial quote which outlines all the costs associated with the move prior to your moving day.

What Makes a Reliable Moving Company?
When searching for a reliable moving company you should be looking for a good online presence on various consumer review websites. Sites such as Homestars, Angie’s List, Google+, Yelp or even the company’s Facebook page can give you a good insight into the company. A successful company will understand how important it is to build credibility and will make an effort to ensure they are getting positive reviews. As long as the feedback seems positive and reasonable, you’ll be safe.
Also, someone should initially make contact with you after you enquire about their services, this person will ensure your move results in a positive experience. This person is accountable for moving you from A to B, getting all your details and making sure your moving day is as smooth as possible. If you find a company that is good at communicating you know you’re in good hands.

Don’t Be Taken Advantage Off!
Make sure you book early to avoid any last minute high fee’s, this also means you will have more options available and also you can take your time to find the right moving company for you.