Moving mirrors is one of those tasks you put off, especially if it’s a really large mirror. Large mirrors can be rather expensive to replace if their frames get damaged, or their surface gets scratched or shattered.

The detailed steps below will show how to pack a mirror so that you can prevent 7 years of back luck in your life.

Step 1: Get the necessary packing materials:

How to move a mirror without breaking it? The first step is all about securing the right packing materials.

To pack a mirror safely, you will need:

  • A mirror box
  • Thick brown packing paper
  • A large piece of thick cardboard
  • Plenty of bubble wrap
  • A few moving blankets
  • A roll of packing tape
  • A roll of masking tape
  • A permanent marker

Step 2: Get the mirror box:

A mirror box or mirror carton is a strong box made up of four separate pieces of cardboard that interlock together to create a protective cardboard layer.

You won’t need to worry about the actual size of your big mirror because the mirror box can be easily adjusted to fit any sizes during the packing process. You can find mirror boxes at home improvement stores, local moving companies, or even truck rental companies.

When packing a large mirror, you will need all four sections of the mirror box to create the custom-sized cardboard container. Slide two box sections into one other, place thick pieces of bubble wrap into their joined corners and sides. Do the same with the other two pieces of the mirror packing box. In the end, you should have two large interconnected half pieces from the mirror packing box telescoped into one another.

Step 3: Do the “X” taping trick for extra protection:

Use masking tape and tape across the face of the mirror in a big “X” from corner to corner. That “X” of masking tape should keep cracked or broken pieces in place if the worst happens and your mirror does get damaged during transit. Alternatively, you can run the tape horizontally and vertically along the reflective surface in a grid pattern which will significantly increase the protected area.

Step 4: Wrap the mirror:

Flatten out a spare large-sized cardboard box that you won’t need – the size should match the size of the mirror itself. Cover the mirror surface completely with that cut-out section of cardboard, then fix it on the mirror front using packing tape.

Finally, wrap the mirror in brown packing paper and bubble wrap; and wrap it from each side like you would wrap a gift.

Step 5: Transfer the mirror into the mirror packing box:

Slide the wrapped-up mirror into the half mirror carton, then adjust the sides so that they are closely fit to the mirror frame. If necessary, use additional padding materials to close any empty spaces. Make sure your mirror is well-cushioned and 100% protected during the move itself.

Always make sure you label the mirror as Fragile, and make the people moving aware that it can’t get damaged.