Spring has always been a time for renewal. Take the spring cleaning one step further and plan your move during this time to get a head start on new opportunities and refresh your life.


The early bird catches the worm – right? Start preparing for your move early and get the lowest prices from the most experienced movers. Summer months tend to be the busiest for moving companies, avoid the pain of trying to find an available mover and surge pricing and save yourself the blood, sweat (Literally, who wants to be carrying boxes in 30-degree weather?) and tears.


The school calendar in Spring is ideal. Moving isn’t only stressful for adults, if you are moving to a new school district, spring could be the perfect time to get familiar with a new school. Spring break is a great chance to get help from your child with the move. Also, moving before school gets out for the summer gives your kids a chance to make some new friends before summer vacation.

Go Minimal

Spring is the perfect excuse to have garage sales to sell your unwanted items. This is where spring cleaning comes into play. Take advantage of the opportunity to start fresh and think carefully about what you really want to take with you on the move and what you don’t need. Ever thought you would have a full inventory of your home items? Now’s the chance.


Can spring weather be any more perfect for moving? Aside from the occasional spring showers, the climate is perfect for all of the packing up, lifting and moving you’re about to do.


If you move in early enough, take advantage of the prime gardening time and get your hands dirty. By the time summer comes around, your garden will be thriving.

Settle In

Avoiding most of the bigger holidays, you have time to settle in at your own pace. Moving in the Spring means that you don’t need to sacrifice any time out of your summer. Get the hard work done early and sit back and enjoy!

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