Putting Together a budget for an upcoming move can be a challenge. Sometimes it’s hard to consider everything the budget entails, especially for first-time movers. We at Short Notice Moving wanted to come up with a simple budget template to start with while starting to plan your next move. Short Notice Moving Tips


It’s sometimes hard to estimate how much storage you really need, or exactly how long you will need it. One tip to avoid over or underestimating your storage needs is to make an inventory of all of your belongings. If you have an idea of the amount of inventory you have, you can easily visualize how much space you will need.

Equipment Rental

Dollies, blankets, tape…all of these pieces of equipment can add on to your initial idea of your costs. An important tip to remember is to consider how long you need to rent the equipment for. If it’s rented hourly, and you need it for a matter of days, consider the cost of buying one outright instead.

Truck Rental

We’ve heard (and seen) a lot of horror stories about going the DIY route and saving money on your move by organizing your own truck rental and driving it yourself. Truck rental prices often catch people off guard as they fluctuate based on size, seasonality, availability, etc. Even if you can find a rental truck that fits your budget, consider the mileage and time taken up between transporting the truck from your moving site to the rental depot.

Packing Paper/Bubble Wrap

Depending on the items you are moving, you may find yourself needing a large amount of packing paper/bubble wrap. These materials are often purchased by the pound. Instead of buying a large amount of these supplies upfront, consider which items are delicate and then buy the materials depending on the number of fragile items you have. A rule of thumb is to use 3-5 lbs of packing paper per box for fragile items.

Packing Tape

High-quality packing tape is crucial while planning a move. We’ve seen people buy value tape from dollar stores and wrapping it around their fragile boxes, thinking it will do the job. As you can guess, it ended in broken glass and a lot of regret on their end. We always recommend not being afraid to spend more on a good quality tape. Generally, a typical roll of tape will cover around 5-10 boxes. Keep in mind this is one instance where it is better to buy too much rather than not enough. You can never be too safe, right?


Moving blankets are commonly used for protecting larger items while moving that probably won’t be boxed up, such as furniture. A lot of people use their own blankets for the move instead of renting. A tip if you don’t want to pay for rental but also are wary of using your own, take a few trips to thrift stores and pick up blankets for low cost that you can use worry-free.


As always, expect the unexpected. Damage is something we all strive to avoid, but if you choose to move your belongings on your own or hire someone inexperienced, it is always a possibility. Consider the cost of hiring a professional to move valuable items vs. the cost of repairing any damage or replacing the item if anything happens to it.


Always ask your moving companies about insurance. Ask about what is covered and what isn’t so that if anything is to go wrong, you are not blindsided by any unforeseen costs.


While it is important to take some time to compare different companies, it is also important to choose someone who can be trusted. Any moving company that has experience will be able to give you a fairly approximate estimate for your move. Don’t be afraid to ask around for a few different quotes before you make your decision, but always remember that sometimes the cheapest options might not be the most effective.


We all know that boxes are one of the most important tools for moving, but often they are not considered when thinking about the overall budget for a move. Specialty boxes for things such as tv’s or mirrors are worth spending a few extra bucks on. Another Short Notice Movers Moving Tip Here http://www.flexi-liner.com/2019/07/23/top-maintenance-tips-for-water-storage-tanks/ https://alliedpartyrentals.com/considerations-renting-event-supplies/  http://integratedequipmentsales.com/its-time-to-rethink-your-storage-needs-4-great-tips/– More Short Notice Moving Tips Here – More Short Notice Moving Tips Here