How long has the home been on the market?
This can help you understand if the seller is highly motivated to sell or not, as well as if you have negotiating room on the price.

How flexible is the seller?
The real estate may have a better understanding of the seller’s chance of negotiating. It’s never a bad thing to ask.

Can I see a comparative market analysis?
A comparative market analysis will look at similar homes that have recently sold and help you understand the current market conditions.

What problems does the house have?
Your realtor may see things that your untrained eyes have missed.

When could I move in?
If you’ve decided that the home fits your criteria, don’t hesitate to ask how soon you can move in. This helps not only plan personally but also for your moving crew.

What is the neighborhood like?
This question can sometimes be a little tricky. Ask about things like overall noise level, proximity to shopping, traffic flow, nightlife, etc.

What are the monthly utility costs?
Your agent will most likely not know the answer to this, but what they can do is ask the seller’s agent and give you a realistic number for utility costs. These can vary from location to location. Another Short Notice Movers Moving Tip Here: