1. Box them up. Put your plants in a strong box and cushion around the pot so it has no room for movement. (make sure not to put cushioning on top of the plant, just around the base)
  2. Skip the moving truck – move them in your own vehicle. Even better if you can put them on the floor on in someone’s lap so it moves as little as possible.
  3. Keep the plants at room temperature. You’re already uplifting their life, try to avoid further shock with drastic temperature changes. Moving them from your air-conditioned home to the back of a hot car can cause damage that can’t be reversed.
  4. Try to limit the movement of the plants. If you can move them from your home to your car, to their new resting space, they will be much happier than making unnecessary stops during the transition.

It’s important to keep in mind that during ANY move, a plant will go through the stress and it is not guaranteed to survive.