Clipboard with moving day checklist order and pen, spool of threads, scissors and receipt bill on wooden table

It’s no secret that when moving from one home to another, the move distance between the two homes will determine, to a large extent, how the entire move will be carried out.

In reality, there’s a substantial difference between preparing for a cross-country move where the final destination (the new home) may be hundreds or thousands of miles away AND getting ready for an in-town move where the new apartment or house can be
just down the street or, in the worst case scenario, to another part within the same town or city.

Even though you’re moving only a short distance away, you should still expect to face and overcome a number of relocation challenges – difficulties that we are going to address here.


1. Prepare for your move

The much shorter move distance will be a huge bonus for you when moving across town. First of all, you will save a lot of money from the transportation costs compared to a cross-country move. And second of all, you should be able to finish the house move within several hours and certainly within the same day as opposed to days or even weeks when moving long distance.

Nevertheless, the success of your same-town move will still depend on how well you organize your time and how many essential moving tasks you’ll be able to tackle prior to Moving day itself.

And, of course, the best way to use your pre-move time efficiently is to follow a detailed moving checklist.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to create a moving checklist and to use it as a guide throughout your preparation. You simply write down, either on a piece of paper or on your preferred electronic device, all the important tasks that you will need to take care of before the day of the move. Make sure you prioritize those move-related jobs so that you can guarantee the completion of the most critical ones.


2. Organize a DIY cross-town move

Because of the fact that you’re only moving a short distance within a town or city, you should be well familiar with, it’ll make all the sense in the world to try to organize a self-move.

In fact, moving across town by yourself is a great opportunity to show your organizational skills and to prove to yourself that you are perfectly capable of overcoming a few move-related obstacles along the way with the purpose of saving money in the process.

  • Secure a moving vehicle. You’ll need to arrange for a moving vehicle in advance: either rent a truck from a local truck rental agency or borrow a pick-up truck or a freight van from a friend. If you don’t intend to move any large furniture pieces, you can try to transport some of the boxes and smaller household items with your own car.
  • Ask friends for help. Moving by yourself, be it even a short distance, is not something you should try to do entirely on your own. You’ll still need to lift, carry and load large boxes, big furniture pieces, or possibly some household appliances as well. Stay safe by securing the help of a few good friends during the day of the in-town move.


3. Hire cross-town movers (Option 2)

Needless to say, the easiest way to move across town is to leave everything to experienced local movers. Despite the fact that you’re moving within the same town or city, there are a number of factors that may get you to rethink your decision to pull off a DIY move.

  • Heavy furniture. If you’ve made up your mind to take with you some of your large and heavy furniture pieces, then it’s a good idea to hire professional movers for that task. Some of the bulkier furniture items will probably need to be disassembled properly and then packed correctly to survive the local move unscathed. Moreover, moving heavy furniture around poses real dangers for property damage and risks of personal injury if not done by experienced hands.
  • Special items. If you’re planning on moving some special items to the new in-town home – for example, a piano, a grandfather clock or antique furniture pieces, then you shouldn’t risk possible damage to some of your unique and even priceless possessions in a desperate attempt to save a few bucks.
  • No friendly assistance. Your friends may not be readily available and willing to rush to your rescue when you need them the most. Instead of getting angry with them, get experienced professionals who will finish the task much more safely and at least twice as fast.

4. Get the right packing materials

Despite the very short distance of your move across town, you’re still going to need to protect your items in case you’ve decided to complete the home packing job on your own. Remember that you can save yourself the trouble of finding the appropriate packing supplies and then working days on end to pack up your things by requesting the packing service from top-rated local movers.

The major packing materials you’re going to need are cardboard boxes of different sizes, clean packing paper as the first layer of protection and bubble wrap as the
preferred protective material when packing extra-fragile household items such as kitchen dishes, glassware, delicate furniture elements and so on.

You’ll be glad to learn that one of the cheapest ways to move across town is to spend less money on packing. Do this by getting hold of free moving boxes – either from friends, colleagues, and neighbors, or from local businesses (grocery stores, bookstores, electronics stores, etc.) that have excessive amounts of cardboard containers and are required by law to recycle them properly.

Cut your packing expenses even further by using, whenever applicable, pieces of clothing instead of bubble wrap and plain newspaper as a filler instead of blank packing paper.

5. Pack for a move across town

Once you optimize the number of your household items and get the right type and amount of packing supplies, you’ll be ready to initiate the packing task in case you’ve weighed in your viable options and have concluded that not hiring professional packers will make more sense for you.

Here are the best packing tips for moving across town:

  • Begin packing as soon as your cross-town move becomes only a matter of time. In other words, don’t lose precious time by postponing for tomorrow what you have to do today.
  • Consider the cost-saving idea of using the same packing boxes multiple times. How? Since you’re only moving within the same town or city, you may choose to do several small-scale trips to the new home, thus emptying the filled boxes and using them again on your next relocation trip.
  • Pack your hanging clothes, still on their hangers, in clean trash bags straight from the dresser. This packing hack will save you A LOT of time and will lower the packing costs.
  • How to move furniture across town? First of all, move only the furniture items that you really like and have a special meaning to you – like antique furniture, for example. Second of all, measure up the furniture pieces to make sure they will fit and match the new in-town home. And finally, disassemble partially the largest pieces to get them safely and easily to the new residence. More Short Notice Movers Moving Tips Here: Short Notice Movers Moving Tips