1. Create a timeline
The most obvious tip to avoid moving day chaos is still one of the most common that we see families forgetting. Leaving moving tasks until the last minute is a sure-fire way to create more stress for yourself on moving day, and can easily be avoided with a little planning ahead. Start with an organization strategy that includes a to-do list of things that need to be done, then create a timeline for each task to avoid being overwhelmed with last-minute work.

2. Do your homework
For companies like us, moving is second nature. Hiring a moving company (and the right one) to help with your move can be the difference between an easy move and a complicated move. A few quick searches can give you information on all of the top movers in your area, reviews from their past customers, and quotes for their prices. This should help you find a company that aligns with the scope of your move, and your budget.

3. Take advantage of the opportunity
You’re moving, and that comes hand in hand with new beginnings and the unique opportunity to start with a clean slate. From clothes to furniture, and everything in between, everything that you donate, sell or throw out is just one less thing that you need to pack when it comes time to actually move.

4. Pack a bag
No matter how organized you are, there often won’t be enough time to unpack everything on the first day. Pack an overnight bag with the essentials like a phone charger, pajamas, toothbrush, medication, or whatever else you might need to feel relaxed in your new place. If you have children or pets, it might be a great idea to pack a few items to entertain them during the downtime of the move.

5. Take photographs…of everything!
Taking snapshots of things in your house is a great way to keep track of small things that may not seem that time consuming, but actually can cause unnecessary stress and fuss. If you’re disassembling furniture, it can be helpful to take photos of it in different stages of the process so you can remember the steps for a quick and easy rebuild. This is also really helpful for keeping track of electronics. Taking a photo of the cords for different devices such as routers, it can help you get plugged in faster and more efficiently when you’re setting up in the new place.