Uber Eats
Trust us, you’re most likely going to get hungry before your fridge is even plugged in and your silverware is unpacked. Uber Eats and other delivery apps are a great help when it comes to finding quick and tasty food to help fuel you to continue on with your move.
Moved somewhere new? Take this opportunity to try food from somewhere new!

Facebook Marketplace
Ok, not really an app, but still worth mentioning. Facebook Marketplace is an awesome resource for buying and selling with people in your area. You can sell almost anything on the marketplace and even spread the word about garage sales!

Sortly is a user-friendly way to create a simple and sleek inventory of everything you have at home or in your storage for a move. It is also a really great tool in the event of an item broken or stolen items. Track everything, prepare for anything.

Evernote is a great organizational tool with many purposes, but their to-do lists are a huge help during a move. A perfect place for capturing ideas, notes, pictures or voice clips, you never need to lose track of your game plan and tasks. Another great thing about Evernote is that you can easily share and collaborate your lists, so everyone in your household can stay organized together.

Be prepared, even if you take a wrong turn. CityMaps2Go is the ultimate map that you can use offline, so even if your wifi isn’t connected yet, or you’re running up your data bill, you can find your way around with ease. Just download the map for where you’re going, and voila!