How to Write a Moving Review

Finding a reliable moving company is not easy. There are several aspects to consider before deciding to work with one. Thankfully, there is an easy way to get enough information – read the reviews! Knowing how previous customers rated their experience can help others make a better choice. That is why we came up with some advice on how to write a moving review that future consumers and movers will value.

Start from the beginning

An excellent review must provide all of the information from the start of your experience. Therefore, begin by mentioning the company’s name and how you discovered it. Make sure to spell their name correctly and explain how much research you had to do to find them. Also, mention if the company was recommended by friends or family.

Go into detail

Start by explaining what type of move you had to go through. For example, if it was relocating to a new city or if you moved locally. Detail the size of your move and the distance between the locations. Furthermore, give all the information that people should know from the very beginning:

  • Services – Write about the services provided by the moving company. For instance, if they offer packing and unpacking services, and if you used them. Write about the packing materials and their quality. Also, mention if they use eco-friendly materials. People are more and more interested in protecting the environment.

  • Timing – Include the date of the move in the review and explain how the movers dealt with your schedule. Don’t forget to mention if they were on time that day. It is equally important to tell readers if the move took place in the agreed time frame.

  • Safety – Write about how the movers handled your belongings. Were they kept safe during the move, or was anything damaged while being carried or transported? Moreover, don’t forget to mention if you had valuables and what type. It might be more important than you think.

  • Prices – Bring up the cost of your move. Speak of the initial offer and mention if it changed by the end of the relocation and why. Also, specify if you got any discounts or free of charge services. Some companies offer them, and customers would like to know.

  • Professionalism – Write about your experience with the workers. Firstly, point out if they were polite and helpful and if they answered all your questions. Secondly, did they professionally do their job? From the in-house survey to the moment they left, try to explain how good or bad your experience was with them.


Write a fair review

By sharing your experience, you can help future clients and also the moving company. That is why knowing how to write a moving review is very important. Try to be objective and write the whole story of your move. For example, if there were any problems during the move. Did they get resolved? Give all the details. Don’t just mention the issues without being fair and explaining what caused them and how they were resolved. Also, if something went wrong, writing about it may help the moving company learn from its mistakes.


Good reviews bring businesses more clients. With more clients, they have a higher income. That is why, if you want to repay your movers for a job well done, you should write a review. They will certainly appreciate it and other people that need a hand moving will know who to choose.

Why should you write a review?

Some businesses have different ways of ensuring their customers are pleased with their services. For instance, they might use surveys or direct feedback for measuring customer satisfaction. However, most of them are now giving their clients the option to leave a review. They provide a clear message to business owners about whether their services are good or could use some improvement. Sometimes, reviews can lift a company to the top or bury it forever.

Where to write your review?

After using the services of a moving company, there are many places where you can write about your experience. Firstly, see if the moving company has a website. It is the perfect place to leave your review. Potential customers, as well as the business, will have all the information in one place. Secondly, you could use social media. Write your story on your profile, and make sure to use tags or links that redirect readers to the companies’ website. Also, check if they have a social media page. It might be possible to write your review there. Finally, you can look for moving-related sites where you can tell your story. This way, you will address people in search of a reliable moving company directly.

When should you write a review?

There is no better time to write a review than right after your experience. You have all the information fresh in your mind and can remember the details. But, never write your review while moving. You can’t be sure of how your experience with movers will end. Maybe it started badly, but it will improve. Also, write your review no matter if it is good or bad. It will help people make a better choice and avoid moving company scams.

Don’t give too much information.

When writing a review, try not to get into too many details about yourself. For example, never mention your old or new address. Naming the region or neighborhood is enough for people to understand the distance of the move. Giving personal information on the internet can be dangerous. Therefore, make sure you use your review to talk about your experience, not your life.

Sometimes, people rely on other people to help them make better choices. Taking ten minutes of your time to write a review can be more valuable than you think. For instance, writing about your experience may either punish or reward your movers, and it can assist others in finding a more trustworthy moving business. Therefore, follow our advice and learn how to write a moving review that will be helpful.


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