Your Moving to College Packing List


Your moving to college packing list will be very important in ensuring that everything is accounted for. The first step that you must do is to write down all of the stuff that you think you may need to pack for your new school. This includes a moving checklist for college students, backpacks, books, supplies, and anything else that you think you may need. Some students choose to leave things off of their moving list and pack what they think they may need in their new room when they arrive at college.

For your moving to college packing list, you will also need to take into consideration the items you may not be able to pack on your own. Dorms usually have strict rules about what is allowed to be taken into the dorm rooms and what is not. If you want to bring any non-perishable items, then you should check with the manager of the dorm you are moving to about whether or not you are allowed to do so.

With your moving to college packing list, you may find that there are no restrictions on the types of foods that you can bring into the dorm, but you should make sure before you move into the dorm that you know these restrictions. By checking with the management before you move in, you will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Bedding and Blankets

The first item on your moving to college packing list is bedding. College bedding accessories are an essential part of every college student’s wardrobe. A simple bedding set can be turned into a functional bedroom by adding pillows, a quilt or two, and extra under-bed pads. With the right bedding, you will feel more comfortable than at home, and you’ll have that added sense of comfort whenever you sleep. College dorm rooms, like any other room, are often messier than many others. Getting the right bedding can help you keep your place clean, organized, and free of clutter.

The majority of college students will choose a comforter over a duvet. Comforters are a great investment because they are not only comfortable but very affordable. The kind of bedding you get can also depend on the kind of air conditioning you have in your room. A cooler comforter may be helpful in a warmer setting.


Have you added toiletries to your moving to college packing list, like teeth whitening agents and toothbrushes? Flash them with a bright smile! There are many different types of toiletries that one can choose from when planning your trip to college. You will want to get the basics like soap, shampoo, and shaving cream for your convenience. It might be helpful to know how much room you will have in your dorm bathroom, especially if you are sharing a space. Who knows, you may even be able to go in for some items from Costco with your future roommates.

So, when it comes to your moving to college packing list, it might be best to stick with the basics you need every day and then buy the rest later.


This is often forgotten when creating a moving to college packing list. There is internal medicine and medicine for allergies that you can take. Also, don’t forget about the prescribed medication that you absolutely need. You will definitely need to make sure you have your prescribed medication with you and make sure that you can get it near where you will be going to college.

You can either have some general medication with you or just buy it once you get settled in your dorm. Just make sure to put your most important ones on your moving to college packing list.


Clothes are crucial to add to your moving to college packing list. So, what clothes should you take to college? Most students are anxious to hit the dorm and start their new life as young adults, so it is not surprising that you may be nervous about what to wear to class.

The advice here is to wear what you feel most comfortable in and pack clothes that reflect the season you are in as well as the next one. Make sure to pack winter clothing if you’re in a cold climate in the winter months. Everyone is nervous and probably not going to obsess about what you’re wearing.

College Sports Equipment

There are many types of sports equipment to take to college that will make you more successful on the field. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance or a student just wanting to play with the guys, having the right equipment can be very helpful. Having the proper equipment can help you improve your game and can be a fun learning experience as well. If you are swimming in a fibreglass swimming pool, you will need special wear for that.

If you’re going to play football at any college level, you are going to need cleats. These studs are a great way to keep you on your feet and help to give you much better traction on the grass. You also want to wear knee pads because they protect you against any sudden movements from a football player’s body as well as reduce the amount of stress that you place on your knees while you are playing.

You will need equipment for your uniform. If you are on a football, baseball, or volleyball team, you will need jerseys and shorts for each sport. You should have all of your numbers for every position available, but make sure that you can also take along other pieces of clothing such as arm sleeves and shin guards. These items can be found at many schools for a very low cost.

Room Decor and Electronics

College students often face a big challenge when it comes to selecting the right kind of college room decor and electronics to add to their dorm rooms. When selecting accessories that will not only provide you with comfort but also make your dorm room look more stylish and modern, always keep in mind the type of room you’re decorating. In other words, don’t buy a bunch of different gadgets if you’re furnishing an upper-class-style dormitory. Always opt for one basic style or motif that will match and coordinate all the furniture pieces. For kicks, you may want to buy a Persian rug. If you’re into planting, don’t forget to buy topsoil.

One way of getting the best look for your room is by using the same color and material for the floor covering and curtains. This would save you lots of money since you’ll be able to use just one color for all your rooms. In addition, this will make your room brighter and more spacious. Another one of the great tips for room decoration is to place your TVs in the corners of the room so that they can also receive good sunlight.

Laundry and Cleaning Supplies

Every four-year school will need to start storing their laundry products and supplies. The best way to store these items is to put them in a large storage closet. You may want to add these supplies to your moving to college packing list once you get to your dorm.

College dormitories are sometimes located in places where laundry rooms are already present. Many colleges choose to have the laundry and supply closets located in a part of the college dorm so that students will not have to walk a long distance in order to access the supplies they need.

Be sure to add general cleaning supplies to your list as well, especially if you have tile flooring. You’ll need to keep your shower and bathroom clean throughout your semesters.

Kitchen Supplies and Dry Snacks

A college student may be looking to save money when it comes to college kitchen supplies. How can they save money? There are many ways. One way is to reduce the number of things you buy. This means you might want to think about reducing your pantry items, buying discounted items more often, and reducing your perishable goods as much as possible.

It’s very easy to get carried away with all of the food in your dorm room. Since you’ll be eating in a dining hall, it’s best to keep simple snacks in your dorm. Granola bars, chips, and other quick snacks will be handy for on-the-go instances.

Storage Bins

Storage bins can be very handy because they store all kinds of different things in different places. They can keep textbooks neat and organized and give students working on a book project space to keep their papers together. Many people already have containers for keeping textbooks and binders in the home, but there may be other items that would benefit from a storage unit, too.

Small boxes would be great to have in storage; just don’t scratch your hardwood floors when you move them around. You can even keep winter jackets and shoes in these bins under your bed when they’re not in use.

Emergency Cash

Emergency cash is another important item to bring to college with you. This can help cover last-minute auto repairs, nightclub covers, fees for events on campus, and more. You won’t have to worry about finding an ATM or running to a bank when you bring this with you from the start and keep it safe.

School Supplies

Thankfully, with the continuous invention of technology, the amount of school supplies needed for college has greatly reduced. Most things are done on a device, but nevertheless, it is always good to have notebooks and pencils handy. Of course, you will more than likely need to buy all of your books in advance.

The earlier you can get your moving to college packing list together, the easier making the transition to college will be! Utilize this list to help you pack for college seamlessly.