Vancouver Moving

If you’re thinking of moving into Vancouver, you’re thinking of moving into one of the largest cities on the West coast. Whether you are from the nearby city of Burnaby or the smaller Langley, you’ll find that you are moving to a place where everything is more. There are more people, more tall buildings, more traffic. This sudden change can be very jarring, especially if you have to deal with the stress of packing, organizing, and moving. That’s why you’ll need the help of an experienced moving company. Short Notice Moving is your Vancouver moving company, and we will work with you to help you move the perform the delicate task that is moving your entire life into the big city.

Leave the stress and exhaustion to us. Our packing and moving service team is experienced in residential moving and office moving and we will perform the job for you with such organization and efficiency that it will look easy.

Short Notice Moving has been serving Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and the Lower Mainland for over 30 years, and our systematic, clean method of moving leaves our clients 100% satisfied.

Our Short Notice Movers:
  • Are licensed and insured workers
  • Are uniform and professional drivers
  • Are experienced experts
  • Offer friendly, professional service
  • Care for your belongings
How it works:


We Help Pack

We can help pack your belongings, depending on what you require help in. You can choose specific things for us to pack, but don’t be afraid to leave all the packing to us if you need to. Our experienced movers know the ins and outs of packing and we’ll have it done for you before you know it.

For big furniture, we will be happy to dismantle it and reinstall it for you at your destination.

Additionally, if needed, we also offer short or long term storage if you need some extra time to move in all your things properly.


Safety For Your Belongings

At Short Notice Moving, we understand that the belongings that we are transporting are extremely valuable. Some valuables might be old books, worn down furniture, or otherwise fragile possessions. Rest assured that we will take extremely good care of your belongings. Our state-of-the-art moving equipment ensures that treating your valuables with the delicacy it deserves is easy.

When we move you, we’ll take a full inventory of your things so that absolutely everything will be moved from your old home to your new one.

Loading & Unloading

Short Notice Moving provides moving service when you need it. After everything is packed up, we’d be happy to help load your belongings and unload them when we reach your destination.

Quick and Efficient Service

Moving can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re moving into or around a big city. Short Notice Moving can help lift the load off your shoulders. Our experienced workers are able to pack extremely quickly and efficiently into secure moving boxes that ensure security for your belongings.

The Short Notice Moving Guarantee

Short Notice Moving is proud to provide our valued customers with a guarantee to ensure continual quality and excellence in all the services we offer. At Short Notice Moving we have a price match promise, so you know we are committed to offering our clients with the most affordable pricing available. We also guarantee there will be no hidden costs, no extras or surprises! That means you will always be quoted the price that you pay. You can breathe easy knowing your move is in the hands of trusted experts!

We do Daily Trips In Fraser Valley
& Weekly Trips From BC To Alberta